What To Pack In A Hurricane Survival Kit For Kids

by Klay

Hurricanes are a type of tropical storm. These tropical storms can have winds of 74 miles per hour or more. These high winds combined with the force of water coming down can combine to make a very scary situation for young children. In addition to basic survival skills, knowing what to pack in a hurricane survival kit for kids can go far in helping to keep kids calm and ready for the storm.

Hurricane Survival Kit For KidsBackpack

Your child should have a back pack to pack a hurricane survival kit for kids. This back pack should be light weight and large enough to have some of the following items in it.


Pack a few of your child’s favorite snacks. Consider granola bars, small packages of nuts or fruit snacks, trail mixes and other simlar snacks for your kids.


Depending upon the age of your kids you’ll need some activities for them to stay occupied with. If they are able to stay occupied they are less likely to worry about what is going on around them. Consider the following age brackets and items:

Ages newborn to 3: Favorite toys (stuffed animals), board books or soft sided books from fabric, blanket, comfort items such as pacifier, bottles or sippy cups.

Ages 3-6: A favorite book, favorite toy (stuffed animal), crayons and a color book, pictures of family and pets, deck of cards, action figures (or barbies for girls) and similar activities.

Ages 7-10: A favorite reading book or a few from a series such as Hardy Boys or Nancy Drew, diary or journal and favorite pen, camera, decks of cards, board games and similar activities. This is the age where they may start wanting to play reporter so the camera with a journal are always great ideas as they can record and document what they see. Just make sure that they know not to sneak off to take pictures.

Ages 11-15: This age group can use the above suggestions leaning more toward the older. Again, camera and journal are great for this age group. This age group is likely to be more into their music so a music player with earphones and extra batteries are what to pack in a hurricane survival kit for kids.

One kids hit age 16 they can generally be helping the adults deal with the younger children and they can help secure buildings when needed.

Keeping as much the same as possible in the daily routine is an important step in hurricane survival for kids. Children should be reminded of the necessary safety precautions to take at all times. Children often think that the storm is over when the eye of the hurricane passes so it’s important to keep an eye on young investigative reporters during this time.

Spend time encouraging your children during the storm that it won’t last forever and that many people have gone through such storms. Keep a positive attitude and encourage your children to delve into their hurricane survival kits for kids to keep them busy.


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